Jobs at KANAS

We are an equal opportunity employer and we are currently hiring people who are dedicated and responsible and who want to help build and scale one of the fastest growing company in the world. Email your CV with your latest photograph at: hr[@]kanastrading[.]org

KANAS Referral Agents (KRAs):

Earn commissions by providing client lead generation and personal client lead introductions. The KRA can be a company or an individual.If you have a close relationship with the decision maker(s) of the potential buyer(s) then you certainly will enjoy benefit as KRA.

KRA must have to work under a KANAS permanent team member. If you are interested to work as KRA then send an email at info[@]kanastrading[.]com with subject line “KANAS Referral Agent”.

Project for Students:

If you are a student of any business programs then we have creative projects for you in the field of sales, marketing and research. Send your CV (complete profile and set of skills) along with your recent photograph and area of interest. We will see what opportunity KANAS can provide to add significant experience and added qualification for your career building. You will be awarded a certificate after completion of the project.

Email at hr[@]kanastrading[.]org with subject line “Student Project”.